Security Features

RFID n Print have developed a range of security features to prevent event-goers from tampering with their access control credential. From barcodes to Ultra High Frequency RFID inlays, our various security options assist in making your event secure, professional, and reduce revenue loss.

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  • A vast range of barcode types are available for printing - from Code 128 to QR Codes. Useful for scanning at access points in music festivals to validate an event-goer's entry. These barcodes can be static or unique, and run in a sequential order, or the customer can send us a specific spreadsheet in which we can print the barcodes from.
  • We have the ability to print numerous variable data on our wristbands and labels. These can be in the form of numbers (consecutive or static), barcodes, images, text, or even as microtext (see "Microtext" tab). Spreadsheets of data can be generated by us or supplied to us and printed in ways to deter and detect people attempting to cheat the system in place.
  • Adding an RFID inlay to our wristbands, labels, or tap cards will increase its security and further prevent people from copying or duplicating the product (well they can try, but it wont scan!) Contact us to see what inlay type suits your scanning system. We offer both high frequency (HF) and ultra high frequency (UHF) depending on the read range required.
  • With our high resolution printing methods, we have the ability to print text or numbers (static or sequential) at a size that's too small for the naked eye to see. This enables staff to validate a wristband by using a tool to magnify it. Microtext cannot be scanned or copied to duplicate. This security feature is popular with our Hadlee wristband.
  • The adhesive area on our Hadlee wristband features a specially designed die-cut that prevents the patron from removing and sharing with non-paying customers. Any attempt will result in damaging the seal, making it noticeable to security staff. A security cut can also be added to our window labels which are commonly used for parking identification at events.
  • Our Slimline wristbands feature a one way locking mechanism that prevents the wearer from loosening and removing the wristband to help a non-paying customer gain entry to a specific area. If excessive force is used in attempting to unfasten the wristband, the RFID inlay will be rendered inoperative.
If you want to find out more about a security feature, pricing, or customisation, fill out our contact form, or send us an email - One of our friendly staff members will be able to assist you.